Lata Berkoh is a 8.5km walk through the jungle from Kuala Tahan. The headwaters fall from mountain Gunung Tahan. The river is shallow with fast moving water.

The depth is less than one meter, common features are rapids and waterfalls. The stream joins Sungai Tembeling at Kuala Tahan which marks the limit navigation routes. Take a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful river scenery. This is a common spot for visitors to the park where Taman Negara promotional photographs were taken. The cascade marks the highest navigable point in the river. The deep pool below the rapids with rocky areas is an ideal site for picnics. Swimming is not encourage because of the strong underwater current. The boat is under the control of the Wildlife Department and pre booking is advisable as available boats are limited. The Rate Is RM 120.00 per boat for 4 persons.